The fire brought us together.

At the heart of our earliest communities, fire provided warmth, nourishment, light, and extended social interaction. It was the place where storytelling and shared narratives shaped and informed knowledge, learning, beliefs, and traditions – the very foundation of community. At Around the Fire Writing and Public Relations, we understand the power of storytelling in all its mediums and its significance in delivering meaningful messages to your communities. Whether through media, social platforms, presentations, or programming, we’ll ignite your message and help it spread. Let us assist you in harnessing the enduring power of storytelling.

The fire still burns bright.

Our Services

Storytelling is at the core of our services, guiding everything from print/web copy and publications to audio/video projects, social media planning and delivery, branding, and public relations. We work primarily with charities/NGOs, public institutions, and community-based businesses and services; and specialize in delivering engaging messaging tailored to our community.

About Us

Donald Fraser has spent over two decades working to tell the stories of his community. He is a writer (TV/print/radio/web), communications specialist, social media pioneer, local food promoter, music promoter, geek, songwriter, husband, and dad.

Around the Fire Music

Writing and Public Relations consultation for musical artists and bands.

Coming soon.

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